binary options ukashI have been trading, commenting and writing about the stock market place and trading for more than 7 years. When selecting to open account with a binary alternatives broker, it is essential that the investor or trader constantly does their homework as to conducting a tiny background investigation about the binary options strategy tester possibilities broker they would like to trade with. Learn these guidelines as a program trader, and you stand a a lot far better possibility at being a lucrative trader than somebody who does not understand the importance of a good exit approach inside a trading system. However, considering that it is usually very difficult to figure out how the markets will be reacting in a single year, 1 month or even one week, make sure that you trade on a platform that allows you to acquire a single hour possibilities. For your binary alternatives trading platform to be totally secure for you to use, the most necessary element to appear out for is encryption, being certain that it is equipped with 128 bit SSL encryption from a marketplace top security provider. If you are hunting at a assistance and resistance chart that looks at a 15 minute interval, then you ought to make certain that you trade binary possibilities in 15 minute intervals as effectively and that the time of expiry matches up with that in the chart.